Planning and organising an event such as a wedding can be a daunting, time consuming and stressful task as well. With so many things to prepare, sometimes one can forget important details.

KVS eases your life by handling all the stresses that come with organising a function. We organise everything from A to Z, thereby giving you complete peace of mind, where you can really enjoy your function as would your guests.

How we work?

Firstly we arrange an initial, free consultation which lasts approximately one hour. The consultation enables us to find out more about you and any initial ideas or thoughts you already have about your occasion. This allows us to then develop further any potential themes, ideas and colour schemes.

We then discuss exactly how much involvement you require us to have. You may want us to organise all of your occasion or perhaps there are only a few things you require our help to handle. However much involvement you require we can tailor a package to suit your exact requirements.

We will also discuss your overall budget for the occasion and help you allocate this to allow maximum value for money.

Contact us for a free consultation.

Below is a list of the main services we propose.